Tuesday, October 1, 2013

HONORS: Mario Fratti Feted in Italy

Mario Fratti at La MaMa in 2002.
Photo: Jonathan Slaff
ATCA member and playwright Mario Fratti recently returned from Italy, where he received the prestigious Capri Award for Forbidden Diary (Diario Proibito), his only novel. Chronicling the horrors of the German invasion of Italy, the book's recent publication led to a much-deserved celebration. On September 26, Fratti was presented with the award before the Italian Parliament.

Forbidden Diary is a controversial work, written when the author was only 20 years old. It was finally published in September 2013 by Grause (Naples). The book tells of the difficult war years in 
Fratti's hometown of L'Aquila, the end of fascism and then the war, the rise of freedom and the first years of democracy. The novel is also a literary testimony of the contribution of L'Aquila to the liberation of Italy from fascism. The published work also includes Fratti's play Martyrs, about nine young freedom fighters who were captured and shot by the Germans in 1943.

The Abruzzi earthquake in 2009 shattered Fratti's medieval-walled hometown, including the apartment where the expatriate playwright maintained a residence. He was active in relief efforts for the town and treasures his remaining ties to it. Congratulations to our beloved friend and colleague on this important honor.