Thursday, July 8, 2010

Message From IATC-AICT President Yun-Cheol Kim

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Three weeks have passed already since we had our 25th World Congress in Yerevan, Armenia. I thank those of you who participated in the Congress for your great contributions to and cooperation for the success of this most important event of IATC-AICT. With those who could not come to this remote city, I would like to share the joy and pride of the achievements we made in the Congress.

I am extremely happy that the Code of Practice was finally approved, and almost unanimously. I hope these ten guidelines will be the lighthouse in performing our profession with intellectual freedom, professional integrity and critical competence. IATC-AICT also awarded its third Thalia Prize to Mr. Richard Schechner, whose writings and artistic works have greatly influenced our critical thinking for more than four decades. I am also very happy with the newly elected Executive Committee members. China has newly joined the excom, and Canada is now represented by Quebec Association of Theatre critics. With these two new members and the remaining eight incumbent members, the new Excom will work as hard as it used to, to serve well the IATC-AICT causes. I can assure you that we are a good team.

Now, I have a special request for all of you. Please contribute your articles, reviews, interviews and essays to the third edition of our web-journal Critical Stages, which will be published in October 2010. I would like to have as many countries represented in this international journal. The first two issues attracted so many visitors, more than 25,000 each, and I am sure we are doing the right thing with this journal to meet the expectations from the world theatre community toward us. Deadline for articles is August 31. You can visit the site and find the style and other guidelines on the front page.

I wish you all nice holidays in good health.

All the best,
Yun-Cheol Kim
President, IATC-AICT

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