Monday, February 27, 2017

BORDERS: Barba Barred From U.S. Entry

In a February 22, 2017, posting on their Facebook page, 2014 Thalia Prize laureate Eugenio Barba and his company Odin Teatret announced that they "had to cancel [their] tour to Miami because of immigration problems."

Persian Passion: Eugenio Barba and company attend a
performance of a "tazieh" play. Photo:
Tehran Times

This news came 12 days after Barba and other guests were photographed at Tehran's City Theater Complex while watching a performance of a "tazieh" play, which Tehran Times describes as an "Iranian passion play." Theater critic Alisa Solomon called attention to the immigration problem in a Facebook posting today. American theater artists are protesting the U.S. government action via social media outlets. ATCA International is monitoring the story.

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