Saturday, September 5, 2009

IATC Symposium in Pilsen in the Czech Republic

The International Theatre Critics Association is holding a symposium in the city of Pilsen in the Czech Republic in September fromn September 9 to 14. Titled "20 Years LAter or Metamorphosis of Theatre and its Reflection since 1989," the symposium commemorates the forthcoming anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the rise of the Iron Curtain.

The description reads: "The face of the world has been dramatically changing ever since, and so have its stages on either side of the former 'curtain.' Or have they? What have been the most conspicuous gains and losses? Is there still a distinct Eastern/Central European theatre style, and if so what is it and why? Has it influenced Western stages? Or has the process been only one-way: i.e., West-East and only on a management and structural level at that? How has the nature of the theatre-audience relationship changed in Eastern Europe? Have there been special developments in that respect in the rest of the world? What about the plight of the written drama in Eastern/Central Europe: Has there been a give-and-take on par with the West? Or are the bulk of Eastern/Central European playwrights still behind a curtain and, if so, why? Has there been any substantial change in our reflection on theatre? Has education in theatre criticism, a unique trademark of the region's theatre landscape, turned out to be a mission impossible or, on the contrary, is it about to become a possible export?"

Larry Devine of ATCA's international committee will be the U.S. delegate in attendance at the Executive Committee meeting of the International Theatre Critics Association. [Gener]

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